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Startup Insider: The Importance of Traction

By Early Investing on October 12, 2020

As angel investors, we’re told to look for startups with traction. We’re told that startups with real revenue, customers and growth are the best startups to invest in. But when investors don’t like a startup, they find reasons to ignore traction. Some of them are good — some not so good. The same is true for startups with no traction. There are some good reasons to like startups that lack traction — and some not so…

Startup Insider: Assessing Founder Risk

By Early Investing on September 21, 2020

Last week, StockX cofounder Josh Luber left the company he started in 2016. Luber helped build StockX into a $1 billion startup. It hasn’t gone public yet. StockX is probably in good hands. But Luber’s departure illustrates a problem that faces…

Startup Insider: Evaluating Raise Pages

By Early Investing on September 10, 2020

One of the trickier aspects of startup investing is evaluating raise pages. For investors, these pages are often the only source of information available on a startup. But for companies that are raising funds, these pages are a marketing exercise. The goal is to present the company in…

Startup Insider: How to Pick the Right Startups

By Early Investing on August 24, 2020

This week, Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan show you exactly what makes them Startup Insiders. They take you deep inside the process of evaluating founders and the startups they run. And they also discuss why startup investing is more important than ever in these…

Startup Insider: Private Markets Surge

By Early Investing on August 10, 2020

Restaurants are struggling. Retailers are declaring bankruptcy. But startups? They’re doing quite well, thank you very much. Many startups have seen increased demand. Their valuations are holding steady. And raising money hasn’t been a problem at all. So why are the private markets surging when everyone predicted doom…

Startup Insider: Investing During a Pandemic

By Vin Narayanan on July 9, 2020

We have a special Thursday edition of Startup Insider for you this week. In this week’s show, Adam Sharp and I talk about how to approach investing in the middle of a pandemic. Watch the video below. Or read on for more details on the topics we covered…

Startup Insider: Dusting Off the Crystal Balls

By Early Investing on June 29, 2020

This is an interesting moment in time for startup investing. When it comes to making investment decisions, crowdfunders and venture capitalists are on relatively equal footing thanks to COVID-19. In this edition of Startup Insider, Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan dust off their crystal balls and look at the futures…

Startup Insider: How to Shoot for the Moon

By Early Investing on June 22, 2020

Investing in startups can be tricky. Investing in moonshot startups is even trickier. In this edition of Startup Insider, Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan take a deep dive into how to invest in moonshot startups. Click on the video to watch it. Or read more about the show…
Time is running out to invest in NowRx. When we urged you to invest last November, it was a compelling opportunity. Since then, it’s gone from compelling to irresistible. Growth has taken off. And Friday is…

Startup Insider: Adjusting Your Investment Strategy

By Early Investing on June 8, 2020

The investment landscape has shifted dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But never fear! Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan are here to help guide the way. In the first Startup Insider since the pandemic began (click on the video below to watch), Andy and…
In this episode of Startup Insider, Sweetberry CEO Desi Saran stops by to share his expertise on starting a fast-casual restaurant and to talk about his raise.

Startup Insider: Building a Two-Sided Market Worth Investing In

By Early Investing on February 13, 2020

Tradefox CEO Chris Yerbey joins the Startup Insider gang to talk about chasing the holy grail of the scrap metal industry.

Making Messy Ethical Investment Decisions

By Early Investing on January 30, 2020

Investors face moral dilemmas all the time. And there are a number of different ways they can approach them.

Tackling the Ethics of Investing

By Early Investing on January 27, 2020

Being a successful investor doesn't mean you have to throw away your own personal code of ethics or morality.

Startup Insider: 2020 Is the Year of the Investor

By Early Investing on January 20, 2020

In the final part of our interview with SeedInvest’s Alex Tynion, we look toward the future. Because 2020 is the year of the investor.

Startup Insider: A Successful Founder Must Weather the Storm

By Early Investing on January 13, 2020

In Part 2 of our Startup Insider interview with Alex Tynion, we discuss what makes a founder successful... and what makes them fail.