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Tackling the Ethics of Investing

Tackling the Ethics of Investing
By Early Investing
Date January 27, 2020

As investors, we have serious purchasing power. Our decision to invest – or not invest – in a company can determine its ability to stay in business.

And though making money is your ultimate goal… there are other things to consider when you’re evaluating a potential investment.

Is this company operating ethically? Does its executive team care whether or not its products harm consumers? Has the company made an effort to minimize or eliminate risk to those consumers?

Or does it put profits before people?

These questions can be hard to answer. And it can be even harder to decide whether to invest when you do find the answers.

So how do you wrestle with these questions? And how much should your moral compass guide your investments?

That’s exactly what Co-Founder Andy Gordon and Senior Managing Editor Vin Narayanan are tackling in today’s Startup Insider. And they strongly disagree on where to draw the line.

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