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Imagine controlling a video game without a joystick, keyboard, or mouse… using only your mind. It sounds like a combination of telepathy and telekinesis… and like something only Professor X or Magneto could do. But it’s very possible. Dave Segal, founder of Naqi Logix, has done it himself. And he wants to go much further than controlling video games. Naqi Logix has created a hands-free, voice-free, and…
Last July, Coinbase asked the SEC to undergo a formal rulemaking process for crypto so that exchanges, crypto startups, and the crypto community at large would understand how to operate. The SEC sat on the request and chose not to respond to it. So last month Coinbase…

Startup Insider: Inside Arka’s Commitment to Sustainability

By Early Investing on December 8, 2022

We recommended Arka to First Stage Investor members last month. We were very impressed with the way the company is bringing the packaging and shipping industry into the 21st century. Its software-as-a-service solution enables actual packaging management for third-party…

Startup Insider: Gryphon Sees Supercharged Sales Growth

By Early Investing on October 17, 2022

When we first recommended Gryphon in 2018, we were impressed by the company’s innovative product and excellent team. The company makes arguably the most secure and functional wireless internet router on the market. The Gryphon router uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology…
Things are only impossible until they are not.  These inspiring words were spoken by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, a character from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” And I’m not quoting him just because I like Star Trek. (Though I really do.) Star Trek shows us…

New Pick: Rapid, Eco-Friendly Lithium Production

By Andy Gordon on July 25, 2022

Everybody is worried about soaring oil prices. But I’ve been watching another resource that’s in high demand: lithium.  Its price has shot up 434% year over year, leaving oil in the dust. Users are beginning to panic. In April, Elon Musk tweeted…

Crypto Insider: A Common Crypto Investing Misconception

By Early Investing on June 13, 2022

Crypto investing and startup investing have a lot in common. When evaluating startups and crypto projects (many of which are startups themselves), investors need to consider the technology or service being offered, its customer base, traction, scalability and — perhaps most importantly — its founding team.
We received an email from a member recently that asked the following questions (and I’m paraphrasing): Why are underperforming coins still in the Crypto Asset Strategies portfolio? Why aren’t coins like ethereum, solana and others that have performed well in…
Startup disruptions are like earthquakes. The bigger the earthquake, the more widespread its impact. Likewise, major disruptions can upend entire industries. Major earthquakes can topple buildings. And big disruptions can expose the vulnerabilities of powerful legacy companies, diminishing their ability to compete.  Airbnb disrupted the global…
Lots of sectors are broken: banking, housing, education, day care and infrastructure. But none of these are as broken as the physical disability space. Fewer than one out of five arm amputees who need prosthetics actually use them. Available prosthetics are too heavy, clumsy and uncomfortable. They’re super…
We’re drowning in plastics. The problem is monumental and global. It’s threatening to slowly but surely kill the planet. It’s also getting worse. And what’s really worrisome is that the biggest companies in the world can’t figure out how to stop it.  They’ve been…

Cityzenith Continues to Meet High Expectations

By Andy Gordon on July 22, 2021

I first recommended Cityzenith in August 2019. The company enables users to design, monitor, control, analyze, optimize, predict, and collaborate on physical assets all from one application. In other words, it uses “digital twin” technology — 3D virtual replicas of buildings, infrastructure and other physical assets…

Home61 Shuts Down

By Andy Gordon on February 3, 2020

Home61 has closed its doors. Here’s what investors need to know.
Corporate venture capital is growing like crazy. Here’s what founders and early investors need to know about it.

Startup Insider: Cityzenith Builds an All-Star Team

By Early Investing on December 16, 2019

In Part 2 of our Startup Insider interview with Cityzenith, we learn that the company has some exciting projects in its pipeline.
In today’s Startup Insider, we catch up with Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen and learn about the company’s upcoming projects, partnerships and more.