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This week, the Early Investing team wrestles with government threats to bitcoin and the inevitability of death.
Most American investors have the majority of their portfolios in U.S. stocks. But they should be looking to emerging markets instead.
Bitcoin is often called “digital gold.” The nickname is fitting, as these two assets are much more similar than they are different.
Central banks around the world are stocking up on gold. And it’s a bad sign for the dollar.
In this week’s Mailbag, Andy tackles the logic behind Lyft’s IPO and Adam talks precious metals.
Adam Sharp reflects on a Supreme Court vote, the science behind medical marijuana and the dangers of complacency.
In this week’s Crypto Monitor, Adam Sharp and Vin Narayanan discuss bitcoin whales, Bakkt’s progress, Russian rumors and more.

2019 Investing Goals

By Allison Brickell on December 20, 2018

In this month’s poll, we’re asking about investment goals, future bitcoin prices and more.

News Fix: Decentralization Is the New Normal

By Vin Narayanan on August 4, 2018

From the media to bitcoin, today's world is all about disintermediation.
The News Fix wonders why bitcoin and gold prices are falling at the same time before jumping to some more good bitcoin news, the rising interest in cannabis-related businesses and other news of the week.
In this week's Early Investing News Fix, we look at some ironic crowdfunding news, the growth of bitcoin ATMs and gold's disappearing act.

Tale of the Tape: Bitcoin vs. Gold

By Adam Sharp on May 4, 2018

Bitcoin and gold are both hedges against crazy monetary policy. Which will outperform in the long term?

Is Bitcoin’s Future “Golden”?

By Andy Gordon on April 4, 2018

Could bitcoin turn into the “Amazon of crypto coins”? Sure, it’s possible. Whatever its ultimate fate, we think bitcoin’s best days still lie ahead.

It’s Bitcoin’s Time to Shine

By Adam Sharp on August 4, 2017

The cards are lined up perfectly for bitcoin. Its primary competitors are all vulnerable to disruption.