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Don’t Buy the Bitcoin ETF Hype in 2023

By Vin Narayanan on July 7, 2023

I’m going to write a book about crypto in the next couple of years. And one of the book’s chapters will be devoted to bitcoin ETFs. Since 2018, crypto investors have been hoping that an SEC-approved bitcoin (spot) ETF would lead to a tidal wave of institutional money entering the system. But the SEC hasn’t approved a single ETF application. And it’s made it very clear that it is not going to do so in the…

Fidelity Is Changing the Bitcoin Market

By Vin Narayanan on May 6, 2022

Market Musings The 30-day trendline for bitcoin isn’t pretty. And Thursday was particularly ugly, with bitcoin dropping to $35,871. The broader stock market was routed on Thursday as well. And as of this writing, spot gold and silver prices are down. Investors are skittish.  French regulators…
Two things severely shook the crypto markets this week. But that doesn’t change bitcoin’s strong fundamentals.
The crypto markets are changing. So we’re selling Cardano (ADA) and reallocating the First Stage Investor cryptocurrency portfolio.
This week, the Early Investing team tackles startup investing due diligence and Fidelity’s upcoming crypto trading service.
Dear Member, The past year has been a brutal period for crypto investors. However, there are encouraging signs that the bear market may be ending. First, we’ve seen promising price action on strong volume. Over the past week, bitcoin has risen from $3,600 to near $4,000. It’s not a…
There are a few possible explanations for bitcoin’s recent price spike, including improvements in infrastructure and scalability.