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Why Facebook’s Crypto Won’t Save the Unbanked

By Andy Gordon on July 3, 2019

Facebook wants its Libra currency to help the unbanked. But it could end up causing more harm than good.
When Facebook announced its Libra cryptocurrency, everyone started to freak out about Facebook taking over the world. In reality, it’s getting help from some friends.
Politicians and regulators are freaking out over Facebook’s new Libra currency. Here’s what’s going on.
Libra is a threat to banks. But it actually boosts the outlook for bitcoin.
The crypto markets are blossoming, Facebook is testing its new Libra cryptocurrency and Binance is shutting down in the U.S.
This week, the News Fix dives into a group fighting for medical marijuana in Mississippi, Amazon actually failing at something and Binance cutting out U.S. users.

Facebook’s Coin Will Repackage the Status Quo

By Andy Gordon on May 8, 2019

Facebook is already being hailed as revolutionary for looking to create its own digital coin. But it hardly fits that description.