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Crypto Monitor: Exploring the Crypto Adoption Curve

By Early Investing on April 14, 2023

It’s a mixed bag for crypto adoption news this week. On Monday, Pew Research Center reported that of the 88% of Americans who are aware of crypto, 75% of them are not confident that current ways to invest in, trade, or use crypto are reliable and safe. In…

Startup Insider: Inside the Disappointing TikTok Hearing

By Early Investing on April 12, 2023

TikTok has become a lightning rod for controversy as a growing number of U.S. politicians call for the app to be banned. The Biden administration has threatened to ban the app because of security concerns but hasn’t actually made the move. Other representatives are against the ban, citing…

The Biggest Threat to the Crypto Market Right Now

By Early Investing on April 7, 2023

Between the SEC going after crypto exchanges and anyone who seems to promote crypto, the Fed warning banks not to work with crypto, and Congress failing to provide any kind of guidance, it seems like we’re witnessing a coordinated government effort to kneecap crypto. It’s regulation…

Crypto Insider: Crypto Market Hits Bottom-Ish

By Early Investing on April 5, 2023

The crypto market is in a weird place right now. Bitcoin performed exceedingly well for the first three months of 2023, which is good news. But inflation is not slowing down as quickly as the Federal Reserve (and investors) would like. Wages are going up. And OPEC just…
It’s been a crazy month for the crypto market. Between bank runs, interest rate hikes and an uncertain economy, it’s not a great time to invest in the crypto market. That’s why we opted not to recommend any new coins for the Crypto Asset Strategies…

Startup Insider: How to Evaluate AI Companies

By Early Investing on March 29, 2023

The markets are experiencing an artificial intelligence (AI) gold rush. There are at least 50 AI companies being incubated at Y Combinator. And new AI startups keep cropping up with bigger and bigger valuations. AI company Cohere is reportedly looking to raise money at a $6 billion-plus valuation.

Crypto Insider: Behind the Bank Runs

By Early Investing on March 22, 2023

Banks are having a rough month. First Silvergate Bank collapsed, with the company announcing its liquidation on March 8. Then Silicon Valley Bank collapsed two days later on March 10. And then two days after that, on March 12, Signature Bank was shut down by regulators. …
The Digital Assets Subcommittee Hearing happened in Washington last week. Congress heard from a number of people both within and outside of the crypto industry. Testimonies included that of Coinbase Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal, BitGo CEO Mike Belshe, and Penn State Dickinson Law professor Tonya Evans. All…
Warren Buffett is not just a prolific investor. He’s also a great writer. The day he sends his annual letter to shareholders is one of investors’ favorite days on the calendar. The letters are sharp, incisive and even entertaining. The 2022 letter to shareholders, which was…

Crypto Monitor: Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank Implode

By Early Investing on March 10, 2023

It’s been a crazy week for the markets. Silvergate Bank announced its “voluntary liquidation” earlier this week. And Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) appears to be following in its footsteps. SVB is a major part of the tech and startup economy. It’s also America’s 16th largest bank. Its implosion…

Crypto Insider: Tune Out Extreme Crypto Predictions

By Early Investing on March 8, 2023

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has been a divisive concept. There have always been believers and critics, and some of them have expressed extreme opinions and predictions. Like Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, a bitcoin bull who said he would get a crypto tattoo once bitcoin hit…
The late stage secondary market is the perfect hunting ground for bargains. Take Stripe for example. In 2021, the payment processor raised at around a $95 billion valuation. In 2023, it’s raising at around a $55 billion valuation. And there are many more companies like it that have…

Behind the Pick: This Crypto Has an Optimistic Future

By Early Investing on March 3, 2023

Long-term crypto investors need to be somewhat optimistic. We know that crypto investing is risky, and no investment is guaranteed. That’s why we need to believe that the crypto industry will continue to grow and that the projects we invest in have a shot at success.

Startup Insider: How to Invest in Works of Art

By Early Investing on March 1, 2023

Have you ever looked at a beautiful painting and wondered what it would be like to invest in it? Scott Lynn, founder and CEO of Masterworks, has given that idea a lot of thought. Masterworks is a platform that…

Crypto Insider: Crypto Taxes 101

By Early Investing on February 22, 2023

With tax day just two months away, many crypto investors are likely combing the internet for guidance on how to do their crypto taxes. Finding straightforward instructions is no easy feat. Crypto is such a new asset class, tax guidelines around it are constantly evolving.  Fortunately,…