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Editor’s Note: This recommendation was co-authored by KingsCrowd Investment Research Manager Francis Vu. Asaak — the company I’m introducing to you today —  immediately intrigued me. As a Uganda-based fintech company, it’s very different from other startups I’ve shared with you. Asaak provides asset financing and other financial services for budding entrepreneurs in Africa. More specifically, it currently provides boda boda (bicycle or motorcycle taxi) loans, fuel loans, and…

The Third Time Is Not the Charm for This Startup

By Andy Gordon on May 12, 2022

NowRx will complete its third crowdfunding raise on SeedInvest later this month. We’ve recommended it twice. And it has worked out incredibly well for our members who invested.  But the third time is not…

Early Investing’s 2022 Predictions Extravaganza

By Early Investing on December 29, 2021

2022 is almost here. And we’re thinking about what the new year might bring. So the Early Investing team has decided to make some predictions – most of which are sure to be wrong. But we like to try anyway.

New Pick: Invest in Saving Millions of Lives

By Andy Gordon on August 31, 2020

DEAL DETAILS  Startup: Biopact CT Security type: Common stock  Valuation: $30 million  Share price: $1.55  Minimum investment: $465  Where to invest: Equifund  Deadline: February…

Startup Investing Master Class: How to Bag a Unicorn

By Early Investing on January 14, 2020

Unicorns are the ultimate prize for an early investor. Here’s how to identify and invest in them before everyone else does.