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According to Tradefox, a trade analytics company with a focus on scrap metal and recyclables, waste materials are recyclables in the wrong place. The faster and more efficiently they get to the right place, the better it is for the health of the planet. In its latest fundraise on Wefunder, Tradefox (formerly known as Scrap Connection) has broadened its mission from protecting buyers of…

Startup Update: Turning Misfortune Into Opportunity

By Andy Gordon on December 30, 2021

We first presented Amsterdam-based Tradefox in 2017 (back when it was called Scrap Connection). We presented the company again in 2019. It provides a business intelligence and trading platform for…
I recently spoke to Chris Yerbey, the founder and CEO of Amsterdam-based Tradefox. We recommended TradeFox in 2017 (back when it was called Scrap Connection) and again in 2019. It provides a business intelligence and trading…

The One Thing All Good Founders Have in Common

By Andy Gordon on March 10, 2021

Why do founders become founders? There are certainly easier paths to wealth. Like what I do. A good startup investor makes more than a great startup founder eight out of 10 times. I should know — I’ve done both. And I’ve made a lot more investing…

TradeFox’s COVID-19 Pivot May Change Industry

By Andy Gordon on June 1, 2020

COVID-19 has hit TradeFox harder than most companies in our First Stage Investor portfolio. As a trade analytics company (primarily in scrap metal and recyclables), TradeFox provides business reports on more than 110,000 companies worldwide. It was doing great…

Startup Insider: Building a Two-Sided Market Worth Investing In

By Early Investing on February 13, 2020

Tradefox CEO Chris Yerbey joins the Startup Insider gang to talk about chasing the holy grail of the scrap metal industry.