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RaiBlocks Rebrands as Nano

By Adam Sharp on January 31, 2018

Good news for our latest recommendation, RaiBlocks (XRB). This extremely promising cryptocurrency has officially rebranded itself as Nano. The market appears to approve of the move, as RaiBlocks (now Nano) is up 35% on the day. Combined with the upcoming listing of Nano on major exchange Binance, things are looking very bright. The new website is Here’s the new logo: The official…

Kucoin Exchange – Ethereum Deposits Update

By Adam Sharp on January 30, 2018

Kucoin, the exchange we recommend for buying our latest recommendation, RaiBlocks, is having technical issues with some Ethereum (ETH) deposits. Several members reported that their deposits were “stuck.” I looked into this, and Kucoin has a process in place to resolve this problem. So…

Crypto Market Update – RELAX!

By Adam Sharp on January 23, 2018

Last week, we addressed the fact that the crypto market has taken a dip. We knew a pullback like this would be imminent, as there is no way any market could withstand such rapid growth in a short period. The good news is it will be temporary. But bumps like…