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Portfolio Update

By Andy Gordon on June 10, 2014

Dear Startup Investor: Your startup portfolio has ten holdings. We added the latest ones, Apploi and Connect, in the last couple of weeks. So, in going over the latest developments of our startups, we’ll be skipping them. Let’s start with one of the busiest companies in our portfolio, Wefunder, headed by the estimable Mike Norman. Wefunder We recommended Wefunder because it has some of the best deals available online. We were once again reminded of this fact earlier this week.

Next Caller: Transforming Customer Service

By Andy Gordon on April 1, 2014

Dear Startup Investor: I don’t know anyone who likes to talk with a call center. The most frustrating part? Wading through a slew of choices a pre-recorded voice puts to you before you reach a real honest-to-goodness human. Then that person asks for your name and membership (or credit card)…