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Startup Insider: Considering the Kenvue IPO

By Early Investing on April 26, 2023

The initial public offering (IPO) market has been a barren wasteland lately, but investors now have something to look forward to. Johnson & Johnson announced that its consumer health spinoff company Kenvue will IPO later this year.  Kenvue will be valued around $40 billion by the time of the IPO. And it could be the largest IPO this year. In this episode of Startup Insider, Vin Narayanan explains why this is a good opportunity…
The late stage secondary market is the perfect hunting ground for bargains. Take Stripe for example. In 2021, the payment processor raised at around a $95 billion valuation. In 2023, it’s raising at around a $55 billion valuation. And there are many more companies like it that have…

Why Big Budgets Can Lead to Low Returns

By Andy Gordon on October 16, 2019

The most successful IPOs over the past decade all have one thing in common. And it’s not revenue growth.