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Cityzenith Shuttered, but Investors Still Have Hope

By Vin Narayanan on June 8, 2023

Many First Stage Investor members have written in to ask us about Cityzenith closing its business. We recommended Cityzenith as an investment opportunity in September 2020. And like you, we’re disappointed that Cityzenith closed. We were hoping for big things.  I reached out this week to Cityzenith founder and CEO Michael Jansen to see if we could have a quick conversation. I wanted to better understand why…

Cityzenith Continues to Meet High Expectations

By Andy Gordon on July 22, 2021

I first recommended Cityzenith in August 2019. The company enables users to design, monitor, control, analyze, optimize, predict, and collaborate on physical assets all from one application. In other words, it uses “digital twin” technology — 3D virtual replicas of buildings, infrastructure and other physical assets…

Startup Insider: Why CityZenith Is Hosting its Own Raise

By Early Investing on March 11, 2021

Andy Gordon first recommended CityZenith as an investment opportunity at a $20M valuation in the summer of 2019. He recommended them again this past September at a $27.4 million valuation. CityZenith briefly paused that raise (watch this week’s…

New Pick: Invest in Smart Cities

By Andy Gordon on September 17, 2020

DEAL DETAILS Startup: Cityzenith Security type: Common stock Valuation: $27.4 million Price per share: $1.15 Minimum investment: $500.25 Where to invest: StartEngine Deadline: July 1, 2021…
It’s full speed ahead for Cityzenith. We recommended the digital twin visualization software company to you last August. It’s made tremendous progress in almost 12 months. In fact, so many good things are happening at once, it’s hard to know where…

Startup Insider: Cityzenith Builds an All-Star Team

By Early Investing on December 16, 2019

In Part 2 of our Startup Insider interview with Cityzenith, we learn that the company has some exciting projects in its pipeline.
In today’s Startup Insider, we catch up with Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen and learn about the company’s upcoming projects, partnerships and more.

Invest in Streamlining the Construction Industry

By Andy Gordon on August 15, 2019

Andy Gordon recommends Cityzenith, a startup that’s disrupting the vastly inefficient construction industry.