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Finding Evidence of Crypto Progress

By Andy Gordon on January 23, 2019

Nouriel Roubini is a consistent bitcoin critic who can’t really prove or disprove anything about crypto’s use cases. So without proof, we have to look for evidence.

Airdrop Alert: VEE

By Allison Brickell on December 18, 2018

Today’s airdrop is VEE, a company that wants to make blockchain technology faster, more stable and more scalable.

Crypto Monitor: Why We’re Hodling and Watching Ethereum

By Allison Brickell on December 14, 2018

Adam Sharp and Andy Gordon discuss the Crypto Asset Strategies philosophy on holding and cutting losses, ethereum's woes and more.
Ripple’s status with the SEC is still a concern. But blockchain is poised for big things in data protection.

News Fix: DARPA Eyes the Blockchain

By Vin Narayanan on December 8, 2018

In today’s News Fix, DARPA is turning toward the blockchain, institutions keep investing in crypto, and both crypto and cannabis have a busy week.

Mailbag: Open-Source vs. Private Blockchains, SEC Delays

By Early Investing on November 11, 2018

In this week’s mailbag, the Early Investing team addresses private blockchains potentially moving ahead of open-source projects and the SEC missing a deadline.

Crypto Monitor: Ethereum nearing Serenity

By Vin Narayanan on November 9, 2018

Summary In this week’s Crypto Monitor, Adam Sharp and Andy Gordon discuss the major improvements being made to ethereum, a proposed blockchain city in Nevada, Coinbase raising even more money and much more. If you’re interested in a particular topic, we’ve…

Why the Crypto Community Gets It

By Andy Gordon on November 7, 2018

Is the crypto cup half full or half empty? One thing is for sure: Change is coming. How fast is in the eyes of the beholder.

Why Public Blockchains Will Outlast Private Blockchains

By Andy Gordon on October 24, 2018

Private blockchains may be advancing more quickly than public blockchains, but they lack key qualities that will help them survive in the long run.

News Fix: You Should Own Your Data

By Vin Narayanan on October 13, 2018

Who owns your data? It's a weird question. But it could be one of the most important questions of our time.

Top Reads of the Week

By Adam Sharp on October 12, 2018

A quick rundown of the best reads of the week in pre-IPO startups and cryptocurrency.

Smart Blockchain Investors Are Opportunists

By Andy Gordon on September 19, 2018

When it comes to investing in blockchain, the smart play is to be opportunistic.

News Fix: Goldman Sachs Cries “Fake News”

By Vin Narayanan on September 8, 2018

Crypto's mainstream acceptance is growing. And that's good news for investors. Also, Goldman Sachs blames "fake news" and IBM launches a new crypto project.

Hype Cycle Puts Blockchain in Perspective

By Andy Gordon on August 29, 2018

Understanding where blockchain technology is in the Gartner Hype Cycle provides critical context for making investment decisions.

Bitcoin, Musk making news

By Vin Narayanan on August 11, 2018

Bitcoin and Elon Musk dominated the news cycle for investors this week. From a delay at the SEC to what's going on with Tesla and SpaceX, the News Fix has you covered.
Startups that integrate into the automotive supply chain can carve a solid path to success.