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Stay on Top of Your Invited Deals

Stay on Top of Your Invited Deals
By Adam Sharp
Date February 18, 2020

Once you make the decision to become an investor on AngelList, you need to devote time to it. Because after you have applied to be an investor on the platform, have been accepted and have joined some syndicates, you will start getting invited to invest in deals.

And once you start receiving invitations, you need to take action in order to remain in the community.

When you’re invited to invest in a deal on AngelList, you will receive an email. You will also get a notification in AngelList’s Invited Deals section.

It is important to stay on top of your deal invites. If you’re not interested in investing in a deal, you have the option to opt out. When you’re viewing the deal page, you will see a bar at the top where you can either “Invest” or “Pass.” If you click on the “Pass” button, you will be opted out of the deal.

Remember, if you really like the syndicate’s investments, you will need to invest in deals occasionally to stay in good standing. If you want to be invited to every deal, you may need to invest in 20% to 30% of overall deals, depending on the syndicate owner’s preferences. If you pass on every deal, they’re unlikely to invite you to the most exclusive deals in the future.

When you pass on a deal, leave a reason. This provides feedback to the syndicate lead, and you should do it when possible. All you need to say is something short and sweet like, “Not really my type of deal, but thanks for the invite!”

To invest in a deal, click the “Invest” button on the deal page and enter the amount you want to put into the investment opportunity. Deal minimums on AngelList are often as low as $1,000, so it’s very easy to build up a large and diverse startup portfolio.

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