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Startup Deals for Accredited Investors Only

Startup Deals for Accredited Investors Only
By Vin Narayanan
Date March 15, 2022

Early Investing co-founder Andy Gordon and I recently met with several founders in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We’re looking for startups that you might be interested in investing in. The startups we looked at included cutting-edge robotics companies, medtech disruptors and moonshots that could change the way massive industries operate.

Why am I telling you this? Because we want you to know that…

  1. We are actively seeking investment opportunities for our members.
  2. Starting in April, we plan on recommending a startup investment opportunity every other month to our Pre-IPO Profits members.
  3. These startup investment opportunities will be only for accredited investors.
  4. Andy and I will spend countless hours vetting these opportunities. We’ll bring you only what we think are the best investment opportunities available. And the reports we write on these opportunities will be in-depth and comprehensive. Our members deserve nothing less.

Andy and I will be looking at both early and growth stage startups. And we’ll be looking for investment opportunities in all sectors. No industry has a monopoly on good startups.

When Early Investing started Pre-IPO Profits a few years ago, we always wanted to be able to source and recommend accredited investor deals. Now we’re in position to do so. And we are excited to start this journey with you.

One other change you might have noticed is that Pre-IPO Profits strategist Adam Sharp hasn’t been around as much recently. He’s pursuing other opportunities. And we wish him well.

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