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Getting Started With Your Pre-IPO Profits Subscription

Getting Started With Your Pre-IPO Profits Subscription
By Adam Sharp
Date July 30, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Pre-IPO Profits!

I’m incredibly excited that you joined our new service. I can’t wait to share my knowledge of the private investing world with you.

As an accredited investor, you have access to unique online investment options. Accredited investors make up only a tiny fraction of the U.S. population. But most of these investors don’t take advantage of these options.

My goal in this service is to introduce you to these incredible opportunities and help you make the most of them.

As a first step, I recommend you start thinking about what type of private investing you want to do.

As a reminder, there are two basic categories of private investments available to accredited investors.

  • Pre-IPO investments: Investments made in private companies typically valued from $500 million to $60 billion. Medium risk, high potential reward. Expect to hold for one to three years, possibly longer.
  • Early-stage investments: Investments made in tiny companies, typically valued from $2 million to $100 million. High risk, very high potential reward. Expect to hold for seven-plus years.

For those who are more interested in pre-IPO investments, “The Pre-IPO Zero-to-60 Guide” is the place to start. Everything you need to get into the first Pre-IPO Premier Fund can be found in that guide.

We’ll introduce you to the venture capital company we mentioned in the promotion, MicroVentures, and show you the exact steps you need to take to get into the fund. Our friends over at MicroVentures will be there to guide you through the investment process.

We will be covering many more aspects of online pre-IPO investing over the next year. Besides MicroVentures, there are at least four places to find high-quality pre-IPO investments online. We’re covering only MicroVentures in our “Pre-IPO Zero-to-60 Guide” because it’s where we recommend members start out. We’ll cover other sites, such as Forge Global and EquityZen, in coming weeks.

For those who are more interested in early-stage investments, I recommend starting with “The Angel Investing Bible.” This guide provides an excellent introduction to the world of online angel investing. It focuses heavily on AngelList, a site I personally use to make the majority of my angel investments.

Of course, some of you may want to explore both early-stage and pre-IPO investing. And I encourage you to do so. But I have found that people tend to gravitate toward one or the other.

Personally, I lean toward early-stage investing. But I have 25 years until I expect to retire. If you’re closer to retirement, or already there, you may prefer pre-IPO opportunities because they will almost certainly have an “exit event” (IPO or acquisition) sooner than an early-stage opportunity would.

Whatever you choose to do first, I think you’re going to enjoy the perks of being a private investor. Almost all the fastest-growing companies today are private, both at late pre-IPO stages and in the early years.

Our goal in this service is to help you find the best of those opportunities. I couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey together.

By now you should have received your copy of “The Angel Investing Bible,” “The Pre-IPO Zero-to-60 Guide” and the first video in our Angel Investing Master Class series.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments by emailing us at

Good investing,


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