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Equity Crowdfunding Deals Just Keep Getting Better

Equity Crowdfunding Deals Just Keep Getting Better
By Adam Sharp
Date June 29, 2021

Regulation Crowdfunding deals (startup deals anyone can invest in) are getting a lot more interesting lately. 

Take a look at Calm Company Fund on Wefunder. I’ve been following this investment firm for more than a year. 

Calm invests mainly in software and tech businesses that are “bootstrapped” by founders. In other words, these deals look different from the average venture capital-backed company. They’re leaner and more profitable. From Calm’s Wefunder page: 

We believe that there is another way to build companies besides the venture capital rollercoaster. Calm Company Fund (formerly called “Earnest Capital”) began as “funding for bootstrappers” which we now call capital + community + mentorship for entrepreneurs building calm companies

In just two years, since launching in 2019 we’ve invested ~$8m in 40+ companies and re-thought and re-built just about every building block that goes into an investment fund. We believe we are in the middle of an enormous wave of entrepreneurs building software and software-enabled companies and that “Calm Funding” can be the default way they start and grow. 

This is a massive opportunity and we are raising capital to help us build the team and infrastructure we need to back 100s and 1,000s of companies a year in the near future. We are thrilled with the opportunity to bring unaccredited investors (many of them founders themselves) into the movement. Let’s go!

This is a 100% investable deal. The terms seem fair, and it has the potential to give investors upside in thousands of promising companies over the next decade (if they make it). 

The rise of startup investment firms that anyone can invest in is not something to be ignored. It has MASSIVE implications and is going to provide some incredible opportunities for non-accredited investors in the near future.

Take a look at the deal on Wefunder.

And keep an eye on this space. 

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