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AngelList Access Funds Show Promise

AngelList Access Funds Show Promise
By Adam Sharp
Date June 30, 2020

Let’s talk about AngelList Access funds. These funds allow you to make a single investment and get exposure to the hundreds of top startup deals that take place on AngelList. I wrote about them back in January. Now, AngelList has posted some return numbers for their original funds. And it’s looking very good so far.

The August 2015 fund had an IRR (internal rate of return) of 17% per year. That’s a return multiple of 2.06 since launch. In essence, the value of the fund’s startup equity has doubled since August 2015. 

Those results look great when compared to the median venture capital fund. AngelList Access Funds have a return that’s 1.46x higher than the Cambridge Associates’ return multiple medium (a large database of VC returns). You can see full results from AngelList’s early funds here.

The beautiful thing about these AngelList funds is that you get exposure to hundreds of the top deals on AngelList, across all different syndicates. And startups raising on AngelList regularly go on to succeed. A few examples include Flexport, Cruise, Brex and Pill Pack.

The minimum investment (quarterly subscription) is $50,000. So it’s a little out of my range currently. But for any readers who are looking to get access to a huge basket of startup investments, I highly recommend it.

The fund is managed by AngelList’s amazing senior executive team, including Naval Ravikant (co-founder) and Kevin Laws (CEO).

If you’re looking for an “autopilot” startup investment, take a look!

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