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Angel Insider: The Wisdom (and Worries) of Pivoting

Angel Insider: The Wisdom (and Worries) of Pivoting
By Early Investing
Date January 3, 2023

Pivoting — changing the core product, service, or fundamental direction of a business — is nothing new in the startup world. Startup founders pivot their companies all the time. Sometimes the pivot is straightforward, like switching from direct sales to a subscription-based revenue model. Other pivots can move startups into completely new industries and drastically change the company’s entire goal. 

But how can investors tell from the outside when a pivot is a smart move? And how can they evaluate founders who choose to pivot?

In this episode of Angel Insider, Vin Narayanan and Allison Brickell discuss the benefits and pitfalls of pivoting. Topics include the importance of outside perspectives, the advantages and disadvantages of industry expertise, and more.

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