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Angel Insider: Who Needs Special Deal Terms, Anyway?

Angel Insider: Who Needs Special Deal Terms, Anyway?

Vin Narayanan recently attended a conference with some smart and passionate angel investors. When he pitched a startup for them to invest in, he expected some questions. But he didn’t expect the first one to be, “What special deal terms can you give us?”

When Vin responded that he couldn’t provide any, the investors said they wouldn’t invest. 

“We only invest if we get special deal terms,” they said.

Vin was flabbergasted. If a company is a good company, then it seems worth investing in — regardless of the deal terms. But it’s clear that not every investor feels that way.

So in this episode of Angel Insider, Vin, Andy Gordon and Allison Brickell answer this simple question: What’s more important — better deal terms or better companies?

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