But you’re only halfway there.

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We will be exploring the ins and outs of investing in private startups. And while we wait for the government to tear down the remaining barriers to investing this way, we’d like you to join us in our new venture.

Until recently these young companies were banned from soliciting the general public for funding. That ban was partially lifted last year.

The upside?

Many of you can finally invest in the hundreds of small and ambitious startups offering equity online. It’s a new world. And we hope that this is just the beginning.  The government cannot be allowed to retreat from its commitment that has opened up the door to well-off individuals being able to invest in these startups.

You can help pave the way for further reform. You can show the government that you can manage the risks and distinguish the bad apples from the potential “sweet deals.” And, ultimately, that you can make money.

But where can you get the information to do this?

Certainly not from your broker. He doesn’t have anything to gain from you investing in startups. No commission, no annual fees.

Nor from the mainstream media like Wall Street Journal, New York Times or Barron’s. Their coverage is intermittent and half-hearted at best.

From the companies themselves?  Not surprisingly, they’re all touting their own ideas.

Your challenge – as someone interested in taking advantage of this this new investment space – is how to make informed investment decisions.

That’s another area we’ll be tackling. We’ll be looking into the best and worst of startup companies, and giving you our inside perspective.

Our goal? To give you the information you need when you need it. And it won’t cost you a thing. Together we’ll follow the next generation of great innovative companies.

So welcome to our free newsletter. I look forward to sharing my ideas and expertise with you.


Andrew Gordon

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