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World Tree Steps Up Its Game

By Andy Gordon on December 19, 2022

World Tree is raising again — this time on StartEngine. This raise gives old and new investors alike a chance to grab a revenue share of the 2032 Empress Splendor harvest.  Raising every year is baked into World Tree’s DNA. It’s part of its business model. A new crop is planted every year. And World Tree covers the cost with an annual crowdfunding raise.  And with every…

Don’t Plant Trees – Invest in Them

By Andy Gordon on February 19, 2020

Investing in a startup that produces highly sought-after timber will fatten your wallet AND do more to save the environment than any government program to plant trees.
An eco-friendly timber play is offering special investment terms until Valentine's Day.
The company we’re recommending is working to reverse climate change - and its interests are perfectly aligned with its investors.