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Silicon Valley Is Losing Dominance

By Adam Sharp on February 19, 2021

For the past few decades, Silicon Valley has dominated the world of venture capital. According to Pitchbook, Silicon Valley accounted for a whopping 26% of all VC dealmaking in 2014. Even more impressive, more than 39% of all dollars invested into VC-backed startups happened in the Silicon Valley area. However, Silicon Valley’s dominance has been declining for a while. According to Pitchbook data, via CNBC, Silicon Valley’s share of venture capital…
Note: In May, I wrote an article titled “The New Work From Home Economy.” Then in August, I wrote a piece called “Tech Companies Flee California (Finally).” I recommend reading those first if you haven’t.

How the Tech Exodus Affects VCs

By Adam Sharp on August 25, 2020

Last week I wrote about the current trend of businesses fleeing California. I believe this will be one of the defining issues of our time. California’s tech exodus can be traced to many deep and complex societal issues. California has taxes…