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Where the Best Deals Are

By Adam Sharp on September 8, 2020

Just after the COVID-19 lockdown began, startup deals slowed to a crawl. And they stayed at that pace for a few weeks. Now, things are roaring back. Many new early-stage investment funds have formed over the last few months. Competition for “hot” deals is crazier than I’ve ever seen it. And somehow, valuations seem even higher than they were pre-crisis. We’ve clearly reached a speculative phase in the  markets at large. And that’s leaking…

Tech Companies Flee California (Finally)

By Adam Sharp on August 21, 2020

For the last 50 years, California has been the home to a huge portion of America’s tech companies. Specifically, an oversized chunk of tech companies are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA).  Here’s a list of just some of the major companies headquartered in…