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Startup disruptions are like earthquakes. The bigger the earthquake, the more widespread its impact. Likewise, major disruptions can upend entire industries. Major earthquakes can topple buildings. And big disruptions can expose the vulnerabilities of powerful legacy companies, diminishing their ability to compete.  Airbnb disrupted the global hospitality market. Uber disrupted the global taxi business. Amazon disrupted retail. All huge disruptions. We’ve seen it time and again: The bigger the disruption, the bigger the upside of the…

New Pick: The Startup That’s Cleaning Up Space

By Andy Gordon on October 14, 2021

Deal Details Startup: Launchspace Technologies Corporation Security type: Common stock Round size: Up to $1.07 million  Share price: $100.26 Valuation: $48,999,970 Minimum investment: $100.26 Investment portal:…