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How Crowdfunders Can Invest Better Than Venture Capitalists

By Allison Brickell on August 25, 2021

Drake Dukes, co-founder of startup data platform Gravity, shared some interesting data recently from his analysis of 992 unicorn founders. Now for our secret sauce… Here is the FounderDNA™ of every unicorn founder (992 analyzed): 53% are Serial Founders 35% are Technical Founders 8% are Former FAANG 3% had a Prior Exit 35% have Masters Degrees 10% have Doctorate Degrees 91% Male 45% Non-White Avg. Age…

Bringing Inclusion to Startup Investing

By Andy Gordon on June 10, 2020

Crowdfunding can’t fix the social ills of this country by itself. But it can be part of the solution. New companies — with 99% of their growth ahead of them —  are the economic engine of the U.S.  Per dollar of revenue, they hire more people…