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Making the Most of 2021: New Year’s Resolutions

By Vin Narayanan on December 30, 2020

Traditionally, I haven’t been a big New Year’s resolutions guy. Which is weird — because I love life hacks. I’m always looking for the best fitness app, the best portfolio tracking tool, the best note taking tool… you get the picture. I used to view New Year’s resolutions as a frivolous exercise — promises easily broken because people either forgot about them or they were unrealistic. But I’m starting to change my mind about that. Resolutions…

Webinar: The Next Generation of Fintech

By Early Investing on October 21, 2020

Fintech is making an interesting transition — from disrupting big banks to disrupting the disruptors. Companies like Robinhood, Lemonade and Credit Karma grew by addressing consumer needs that banks had ignored. Now a new generation of fintech companies is emerging. And they say their solutions are even better.

Republic CEO on Four Years of Equity Crowdfunding

By Early Investing on July 29, 2020

Note: Equity crowdfunding and Republic both turned four this year! To mark the occasion, our friends at KingsCrowd reached out to Republic CEO and co-founder Kendrick Nguyen to hear his thoughts on the future of startup investing. We wanted to share their piece…

Startup Insider: Which Comes First, Dollars or Deal Flow?

By Early Investing on November 25, 2019

In Part 2 of our Startup Insider interview with Chris Lustrino, we chat about the growing equity crowdfunding space, startup funding strategies and more.
The First Stage Investor team sits down with Chris Lustrino, CEO and founder of KingsCrowd, to learn what his company has done so far, what it’s like to be on both the founder and investor side of things, and more.
Today, we’re featuring a guest piece from our friends at KingsCrowd. They’re cautioning against investing in a startup that has a very limited market.