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Bitcoin is Finally Going Mainstream

By Adam Sharp on April 16, 2021

This week’s Coinbase initial public offering (IPO) is a major moment for crypto. That amazing $85 billion valuation is turning heads all over Wall Street. I imagine that for some old-school investors, this crypto thing suddenly looks more legit.  We were already in the midst of an institutional adoption cycle before. I think the Coinbase IPO is likely to drive us a lot higher. Recent comments by Fidelity’s Head…

The Disadvantages of a SPAC Investment

By Andy Gordon on January 20, 2021

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are enjoying their moment in the sun. They’ve shot into prominence as a way for startups to make an initial public offering (IPO) and join public stock exchanges. They offer founders unprecedented speed. And for some investors — more…
Institutional investors need ways to buy (and sell) large chunks of cryptocurrency. A startup backed by some heavyweight investors has found the solution.