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How Will We Deal With All the Debt?

By Adam Sharp on October 25, 2019

Today, we explore the options that countries around the world have for paying off their unsustainable debt.

Perfect Storm for Bitcoin

By Adam Sharp on October 18, 2019

The upcoming bitcoin halving and brewing financial chaos are creating a perfect storm for bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin Emerges as a Store of Value

By Adam Sharp on June 7, 2019

Bitcoin reached a milestone and has emerged as an alternative store of value, as use cases in Venezuela and Argentina show...

2020 Halving Will Bring Bitcoin’s Inflation Rate Down

By Allison Brickell on May 13, 2019

Bitcoin’s inflation rate will drop with the next halving. Here’s how that demonstrates the crypto’s value.

Stuck in a Bubble Again

By Adam Sharp on May 10, 2019

If the economy is so great, why can’t the Federal Reserve raise interest rates? Debt has something to do with it.

Has the Fed Given Up?

By Adam Sharp on March 7, 2019

In stopping rate hikes, the Fed has signaled that it doesn’t care about debt and quantitative easing might be a permanent fixture on the economic scene.

How to Hedge Against Stock Market Turmoil

By Adam Sharp on December 7, 2018

Dear Early Investor, After nine years of relatively smooth sailing, stock markets have hit rocky waters. The market is not reacting well to the prospect of higher interest rates. The trade war mess certainly doesn’t help. But I believe the primary driver is the Federal Reserve. The problem is, nobody…

Nassim Taleb: Today Is Riskier Than 2007

By Adam Sharp on November 2, 2018

Nassim Taleb, who called the last financial crisis and profited from it, warns that today’s situation is more dangerous.