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Our speculative portfolio coin Haven Protocol has bounced back pretty well from its recent troubles. It had an incident back in July where a hacker exploited a vulnerability. But Haven recently launched a successful fork of version 2.0. (Note the nice social traction on the Twitter announcement. There’s definitely a growing community.)  Haven is trading around $12 today, far above our recommendation price. So if you’re still holding and want to…

These Three Portfolio Coins Are Going Strong

By Adam Sharp on May 21, 2021

What an insane few weeks it’s been in crypto markets. Elon Musk’s waffling on bitcoin has really shaken up the crypto markets. And now we’ve got a government “crackdown” on crypto developing — though that’s not as bad as it sounds. …

Alert: Taking Profits and Selling

By Adam Sharp on February 19, 2021

Deciding when to take profits in crypto is extremely difficult. Based on past bull markets, we likely still have at least a year to go before things cool off (and probably more based on the unprecedented deficits and money printing today). But I think it would…

Dogecoin Blasts Off as WallStreetBets Piles In

By Adam Sharp on January 29, 2021

I’m sure you’re all aware by now of what’s been happening with GameStop shares recently. Shares have shot up from under $4 six months back to a high of around $468 this week. GameStop was driven higher by a very clever campaign orchestrated on online forums…

Crypto Monitor: Crypto Market Forecast

By Early Investing on January 8, 2021

Crypto is rolling. Bitcoin cracked the $40,000 mark yesterday. Ethereum is up more than 800% in the last 365 days and nearing its all-time high. And Haven Protocol is up 144% since we first recommended it. So what’s driving the market? Where does the crypto market go next?…

2020 Turned Into a Great Year for Crypto

By Adam Sharp on December 31, 2020

It’s been an amazing year in crypto! We had a nasty dip in the spring — followed by a roaring comeback once people realized crypto was created for these economic times (massive money printing and even lower interest rates).  Things are truly starting to get interesting…

Six Crypto Predictions for 2021

By Adam Sharp on December 23, 2020

Today I’m going to try to make some predictions about the crypto markets in 2021. Let’s dust off the crystal ball and get started. Here’s what I think will happen: Bitcoin will reach at least $50,000 next year. At least five more large publicly-traded…

Crypto is Rising – And It’s Going to Last

By Adam Sharp on December 18, 2020

Cryptocurrencies moved up dramatically over the last week. From our portfolio bitcoin was up 25%, Decred was up 49%, XHV was up 45% and NANO was up 17%. This is what we’ve been waiting patiently for. Those of you who held…

Crypto Pullback Provides Buying Opportunities

By Adam Sharp on December 11, 2020

Crypto prices have pulled back from recent highs over the last week. Bitcoin is trading around $18,000. Ethereum is around $548. Smaller altcoins on the whole have pulled back sharply. This is completely normal action during a bull market. A larger pullback wouldn’t surprise me either.

Crypto Monitor: Tiny Coin Shows Big Growth

By Early Investing on July 10, 2020

Haven Protocol (xHV) is on a tear this year. When we recorded Crypto Monitor on Thursday, it was up about 26% from when Adam recommended it in the fall of 2018. As of this writing, it’s up 39% since Adam’s initial recommendation and 1169% in 2020. So what’s…

Managing Crypto Market Volatility

By Vin Narayanan on May 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Adam Sharp is currently hard at work researching new cryptos to invest in. In the meantime, Senior Managing Editor Vin Narayanan is filling in. Dear Member, When you invest in crypto, it’s important to keep reminding yourself that crypto is a volatile asset. Huge swings in prices –…

Haven Protocol Rises on High Volume

By Adam Sharp on November 2, 2018

Dear Member, Our latest pick, Haven Protocol (XHV), continues to perform well. It’s now up 39% since our initial recommendation and is up 19% today. Today’s move appears to be based on a new announcement that Haven Protocol will offer the ability to convert XHV to stablecoins based on…

Crypto Monitor: Explaining Haven Protocol Edition

By Vin Narayanan on October 26, 2018

Summary In this week’s Crypto Monitor, Adam Sharp looks at why people should invest in Haven Protocol (XHV), Fidelity joining the institutional move into crypto, a new upcoming catalyst and much more. If you’re interested in a particular topic, we’ve listed…

New Recommendation: Haven Protocol

By Adam Sharp on October 19, 2018

Exchange: Bittrex Market cap: $8 million Total supply: 18.4 million coins Current supply: 5.3 million I’m excited to announce our newest speculative portfolio pick, Haven Protocol (XHV). Haven is a fascinating proof-of-work cryptocurrency that’s unlike any other project I’ve seen. Haven is a very…