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Update on Geekatoo

By Andy Gordon on May 31, 2016

  Dear Startup Investor, 444 Castro Street, San Francisco. That’s where Adam and I met Geekatoo Founder Kevin Davis last summer. Geekatoo used to call it home. Not anymore. The slightly larger HelloTech recently acquired Geekatoo. HelloTech was Geekatoo’s competitor. It operated in the same market and chased the same customers, but had slightly different business models and growth strategies. It’s a noncash deal. Geekatoo’s investors will be paid in HelloTech shares. Our Startup Investor members invested in June 2014…

New Recommendation: Geekatoo

By Andy Gordon on June 26, 2014

Dear Startup Investor: My only question about startup Geekatoo is what took so long for somebody to do this? Need help with your computer, smartphone or TV? Place an order online, or go through the company’s app, and Geekatoo will send a qualified technician to your home. They’ll fix…