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Things are only impossible until they are not.  These inspiring words were spoken by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, a character from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” And I’m not quoting him just because I like Star Trek. (Though I really do.) Star Trek shows us what life could be like if technology became incredibly advanced. We could travel through space, explore distant planets, meet new life forms and experience new civilizations. We could teleport thousands…

Webinar: Meet Ample Foods Founder Connor Young

By Vin Narayanan on April 27, 2020

Ample Foods founder and CEO Connor Young joins the First Stage Investor gang to answer questions about Ample's latest raise and how the company is performing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow the Startup, Not the Sector

By Andy Gordon on September 25, 2019

When you’re looking for startup investments, don’t get blinded by shiny sectors. The startup comes first - not diversification for diversification’s sake.

Everytable Expands Beyond the Kitchen

By Andy Gordon on May 6, 2019

Everytable is expanding its vision... and it’s looking to replace a workplace staple.