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New Crowdfunding Rules Bring New Opportunities

By Andy Gordon on May 13, 2020

Economic crises can reveal a lot about established companies. Are they nimble enough to pivot? Can they come up with creative solutions to adapt to a new environment? Was the company prepared for an emergency? Apple and Google were sitting on a pile of cash. They were definitely prepared for a crisis. GM figured out how to help produce masks and ventilators. Amazon designed a clever system for people to shop Whole Foods online and get the groceries delivered to…
KingsCrowd has launched the first portfolio tracker for startup investments.
The government’s rescue programs are leaving many businesses out in the cold. As a result, most will have to rescue themselves.
The online video game industry is worth almost $80 billion. And thanks to Republic and Fig, you can now invest in it.

Webinar: New Crowdfunding Portal Comes Online

By Andy Gordon on April 13, 2020

Crowdfunding portals are a critical part of the startup investing ecosystem. And the newest investment platform in the group, Equifund, is trying to add some new wrinkles in the space. Meet Equifund's founder and CEO, Jordan Gillissie, in this special webinar.

Investing in Video Games

By Adam Sharp on April 9, 2020

Adam Sharp invites a video game insider to help us understand the outlook for one of the few red-hot sectors in the middle of a pandemic-induced economic slowdown.
In this special Q&A, Republic answers our questions about the SEC’s proposed changes to crowdfunding and gives us a master class on SAFEs.
As the markets struggle, there's good news awaiting investors in the equity crowdfunding startup space.
The definition of “accredited investor” may be changing soon. Here’s how this could expand your investment options.
In Part 3 of our Startup Insider interview with Chris Lustrino, we discuss some of our favorite startups, problems in the crowdfunding space and why we need to retire the phrase “smart money.”

Don’t Invest Based on Sector

By Adam Sharp on October 24, 2019

Here’s why you should avoid deals in “hot” industries that don’t have any real traction.

Why We’re Looking for More Series A Startup Investments

By Andy Gordon on September 16, 2019

The First Stage Investor team is on the lookout for more Series A companies to recommend. And we’re also keeping an eye on escalating valuations.
The equity crowdfunding market isn’t quite reaching its full potential. In this interview, StartEngine CEO Howard Marks explains to the First Stage Investor team how he’s trying to solve that problem.

Why Crowdfunding Is the Best Way to Raise Capital

By Andy Gordon on August 28, 2019

Startup founders have seven ways of raising capital. And crowdfunding is by far the most versatile and beneficial method.
Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan chat with MicroVentures CEO Bill Clark about the state of equity crowdfunding. Learn how startup deal flow has changed, the signs of a potentially bad startup investment and more.

Equity Crowdfunding Improving as It Turns 3

By Andy Gordon on May 29, 2019

Investors are the big winners as more - and better - entrepreneurs turn to equity crowdfunding to raise money for their startups.