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2022 has not been kind to SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. He’s calling it a “technology winter.” And the numbers are certainly chilling for Son. SoftBank’s Vision Fund lost 2.64 trillion yen ($20.5 billion) for the year ending March 31.  The previous year, it had made a profit. The same holdings that drove that profit are now punishing SoftBank’s bottom line. Shares for South Korean e-commerce giant Coupang dropped 60% in the first quarter. Chinese ride-hailing pioneer…
The tech sector is under attack. Lawsuits. Politicians. Regulators. They’re all gunning for the tech industry. But what about the venture capital firms that financed the industry’s growth?  These companies should also command our attention. Their money nurtured big tech companies in their early years. More…
In Part 3 of our Startup Insider interview with Chris Lustrino, we discuss some of our favorite startups, problems in the crowdfunding space and why we need to retire the phrase “smart money.”

Why Crowdfunding Is the Best Way to Raise Capital

By Andy Gordon on August 28, 2019

Startup founders have seven ways of raising capital. And crowdfunding is by far the most versatile and beneficial method.
In this week’s Mailbag, the Early Investing team addresses why altcoins haven’t been outperforming bitcoin lately and the difference between equity crowdfunding and angel investing.