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Here’s the deal. I’ve just given you $100 million to start your own bank (you can thank me later) on your own private island. U.S. rules don’t apply there. You make your own rules. So what would they be? Here’s my fantasy list… I’m the only bank on the island. I’m outlawing defaults. You get money from us. You pay up.  No other lending facility is allowed to match my rates. They’re…
I just returned to the office this week. It was a strange thing.  Before working at home during the past year, I spent most of my 40-year career in offices. And I’ve missed the water-cooler chats… the unstructured interaction with my fellow employees… going out to…

Get Free Equity in a Promising Crypto Startup

By Adam Sharp on January 9, 2020

There’s a unique opportunity to receive $10 worth of equity in a promising startup called Linen. All you have to do is download the app and sign up (for free).