Founded: 2012

Country: United States

Non-Accredited Investors: No

Business Selective: Yes

Investor Selective: Yes

Notable Alumni: StearClear,


Despite having publicly launched just five months ago, the New York-based equity crowdfunding portal SeedInvest has had quite an active infancy. Founded in 2012 by professional investors Ryan Feit and James Han, SeedInvest’s list of accomplishments already includes contributing to the crowdfunding portion of the JOBS Act and closing $1 million from investors last winter to fund its own expansion.

SeedInvest has grown rapidly over the past few months, accruing a base of over 650 accredited investors and 450 startup applications. The portal is selective with which businesses it publishes and fundraises for, with an application acceptance rate under 2%. In addition to helping startups sell share in their companies, SeedInvest helps selected businesses market their products and gain media attention.

At the moment, due to the confines of U.S. investment law, all of SeedInvest’s investors must be accredited. Given the portal’s association with the passage of the JOBS Act, however, it’s quite likely that SeedInvest’s opportunities will be opened to the rest of us once the law is implemented.


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