How to Collect Free Crypto

How to Collect Free Crypto
By Adam Sharp
Date November 20, 2017

Robert Heinlein famously said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Generally speaking, this is as true in the crypto world as anywhere else.

However, there are a number of ways you can receive cryptocurrencies at no cost other than a bit of your time.

In this report, we’ll show you the best free crypto strategies. If you spend some time on these and pick your projects well, you could receive cryptocurrency that’s worth thousands of dollars right now.

And based on the speed at which many cryptocurrencies are appreciating… it could be worth quite a bit more down the road.

Steemit – A Social Network Powered by Crypto is one of the most fascinating and fast-growing blockchain projects in the world today. I believe it is the best opportunity out there to earn free crypto.

All it requires is writing and posting articles on Steemit’s social media platform.

Steemit is a social network, but it’s powered by a native cryptocurrency that trades under the ticker “STEEM.” In return for providing content for its social media platform, freelance writers are compensated with rewards that can be exchanged for Steem crypto. (If you’re familiar with Reddit, it’s very similar.)

Some successful Steemit contributors have found it very profitable, earning more than $100,000 simply by posting popular content. The site currently ranks among the top 1,500 most popular sites on the internet. That puts it in the top 1%. However, over time, it’s aiming to supplant Reddit as the fourth most popular site on the internet.

The beauty of this strategy is that anyone can do it… from anywhere. Admittedly, most of us are no Ernest Hemingway or Mark Twain, and it takes time to get good at this. On the flip side, if you are a good writer or like to write and are willing to learn the necessary techniques, the rewards can be extremely lucrative.

That’s because there’s no middleman like Yahoo or YouTube making money from the network. Instead, the value of the social network flows back to the users in the form of cryptocurrency.

Users earn rewards by posting high-quality articles and comments on the network. These rewards can be converted into Steem, which is a popular cryptocurrency traded on major exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex.

Quality on the platform is determined by voting. Any user can “up vote” any article or comment.

Join Steemit by clicking here.

Below, I have listed a few extremely helpful examples of great Steemit posts. Not only are they examples of great content, but they’re also educational about the system. Some of these articles earned the author more than $5,000 in rewards…

Once you are able to, I strongly recommend powering up your rewards to Steem Power. Once you do, you will start to earn a small amount of interest and receive more rewards. You will also accumulate Steem Power automatically, but you can opt to shift your other rewards there as well. This is the best way to build long-term value on the Steemit network.

So if you’ve always dreamed of the writer’s lifestyle, the sooner you get set up on Steemit, the better.


  • Post original content about whatever you are passionate about.
  • Use images to add color to your posts (original if possible, otherwise credit the source).
  • Focus on what you know well.
  • Be casual and don’t worry too much about perfect grammar.

To date, Steemit is the most successful crypto site. However, there are many up-and-coming competitors, all aiming to take market share away from social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.

If I see another project nearing an adoption tipping point, I’ll be sure to alert you.

Below, you’ll find two other ways to claim free crypto that will take less than five minutes of your time.

Collecting Crypto “Dividends” With NEO

In our promotional video, I mentioned a specific token that pays you “dividends” and promised to give you details on it.

The name of that project is NEO. It is China’s original open-source blockchain project, launched in 2014.

NEO is a unique and high-potential crypto project. It is a “smart contract” platform, similar to Ethereum. Crowdfunding and ICOs are among the first applications being developed.

NEO’s platform is also capable of digitizing the ownership of both real-world and digital assets. The platform will also be able to manage online identities securely.

NEO has two distinct cryptocurrencies that are native to its system. The first trades under the symbol NEO and is the base unit of this system. It allows holders to vote on protocol changes and is required as a payment unit for certain services within the platform.

When NEO is held in an official wallet, it generates “dividends” in the form of the second currency, GAS tokens.

GAS tokens are what powers the smart contracts hosted on NEO’s platform. The cost of a transaction is relative to the required computing power.

To learn more about NEO, click here.

Here is a list of other quality cryptocurrencies that offer “dividends” (also referred to as staking or harvesting)…

  • PIVX – Focused on privacy, PIVX has an active community and good exchange volume.
  • PART – Particl is also a privacy coin, offering anonymous transactions and tools for merchants.
  • DASH – Dash has privacy, extremely fast transactions, and a large base of users and merchants who accept the coin.

In addition, at some point in the near future, Ethereum will move to a “dividend” model too. I recommend you hold 15% of your crypto portfolio in Ethereum, as further described in the overview document.

Disclosure: I am long NEO and have been since June 2017.

Dividend-paying coins are becoming increasingly popular, and we are currently looking for the next great opportunity in this space, which we will notify members of immediately.


Cryptocurrencies, more than anything else, thrive on “network effects.” The more people who get involved in any specific project, the better it does.

When a new cryptocurrency launches, the thing it needs most is users – people who have a vested interest in the project succeeding, some of whom will become “champions,” spreading the word far and wide.

One of the most affective ways for a new crypto project to gain users is by conducting an “airdrop.”

Many airdrops target existing bitcoin and Ethereum owners. In order to take advantage of them, you must own one or both of these coins. Note: You cannot collect airdrops if you hold coins on an exchange like Coinbase or Bittrex. I recommend holding these coins in a Jaxx wallet instead. We will be covering how to use the Jaxx wallet in a separate video.

Many other airdrops require an account on This is the most popular cryptocurrency discussion forum on the web. I strongly advise creating an account if you’re looking to take advantage of airdrops and bounty programs.

I highly recommend NOT using your main email address or an email address with your name in it when signing up. You want to be as anonymous as possible in the crypto world. Finding good airdrops can be tricky, but I found a free service called AirdropAlert that tracks and announces them as they happen. You can also follow AirDropAlert on Twitter.

If there are any particularly good airdrops coming up, especially for any coins we hold in our portfolio, we will notify members.

Final Thought

Social networks like Steemit are revolutionary in the way they reward users. Unlike Facebook and other “free” services, these blockchain-based projects reward early users with an asset that stands to increase in value. They’re bringing their early adopters along for the ride, which creates a beautiful incentive system.

At the same time, new cryptocurrencies and tokens are creating systems that pay users “dividends,” or a share of transaction fees. No middlemen or banks are required.

These new blockchain-based technologies will revolutionize the way we interact with the internet and perform financial transactions.

There’s never been a greater wealth-creation opportunity. We’ll be keeping members apprised of any new opportunities worth sharing.