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Our Top Reads of 2018

Our Top Reads of 2018
By Allison Brickell
Date December 27, 2018

What a year it’s been. We saw the crypto markets take a plunge… marijuana legalization expand… and IHOP briefly pretend to be the International House of Burgers.

2019 is just days away. But before we ring in the new year, we want to take a look back at some of our favorite First Stage Investor pieces of 2018.

Spotting the Untrendy Startups

It’s easy to get excited about startups with new technology and splashy trends. But it’s the unsexy, underappreciated companies that are often the first to address a need.

Bitcoin Turns 10

In October of this year, bitcoin marked its 10-year anniversary. Andy Gordon commemorated the occasion with a thorough timeline of bitcoin firsts. At the time of its anniversary, bitcoin prices were dropping. But we were optimistic then that crypto would keep advancing – and we still are.

Marijuana Will Change the World

Full marijuana legalization is coming to the U.S., and investors need to be prepared. Even Adam Sharp may have underestimated the potential of this market…

The common theme of these stories? Stay the course, ignore the noise and keep your eyes on the prize.

Good investing,

Allison Brickell
Assistant Managing Editor, First Stage Investor

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