Episode 7: George Davis of Gamma 3

By Peter Clough
Date September 8, 2014

George Davis is a partner in Gamma 3, a venture catalyst firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are focused on creating companies based on the high-level research being done in the Baltimore-Washington region at The Johns Hopkins University, The University of Maryland and the Applied Physics Laboratory. Hundreds of millions of federal dollars fund this research and the Gamma 3 mission is to help these visionary scientists create viable companies that will be based in the region and help to keep the brainpower, talent and jobs in Maryland. George is also CEO of Gemstone Biotherapeutics, one of Gamma 3’s portfolio companies. Earlier in his career, George was the president and chief operating officer at Aether Technology when that pioneering wireless enterprise firm went public in 1999 and then did a secondary offering that raised over a billion dollars just prior to the dot-com crash in 2000.