Our 10-Point Criteria for Selecting Altcoins

Vetting a cryptocurrency opportunity is no simple task… and subscribers often ask us how we evaluate emerging opportunities in the altcoin and ICO markets.

Below, you’ll find the 10 fundamental elements we look at to determine the future potential of any coin, token or ICO.


  1. Core Development Team
    • What’s the level of experience?
    • Are the primary coders committed, competent, transparent and well-liked?
  2. Distribution Structure
    • Has coin distribution been fair, or do a handful of people hold the majority of the coins (and therefore the power)?
    • More distribution = more decentralization. This is a good thing.
  3. Legal Risk
    • What is the coin being used for?
    • Currencies and enterprise services are the safest from regulatory risk.
  4. Network Activity
    • Is the coin widely used, and is its demand sustainable?
  5. GitHub Activity
    • GitHub is where open-source projects can share their code and collaborate. The more active a project is on GitHub, the better!
  6. Scale
    • Is there a plan in place?
    • How many transactions can the business support?
  7. Security
    • How safe and protected is the network?
  8. Code Quality
    • When we review the base code, how clean and well-organized is it?
  9. Contributing Developers
    • Is there a healthy stable of non-core developers contributing to the product?
  10. Social Activity
    • ┬áCommunity analysis. What is the quantity of activity and quality of discussions involved with a coin’s following on channels like Reddit, Twitter and Slack?

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