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New ICO Recommendation: Props

By Adam Sharp on December 11, 2017

I’m going to keep this recommendation brief because this token sale (ICO) opens tomorrow morning, Tuesday, December 12. It may sell out quickly because there is a $1.07 million cap. So if you are able to, I recommend acting quickly on this one. (If you don’t get in on this one, don’t worry. You’ll have an opportunity to buy it on an exchange later, and we have plenty more high-quality deals to come.) You will be able to fund this…

Crypto Asset Strategies Portfolio Update

By Adam Sharp on December 4, 2017

Welcome to our first Crypto Asset Strategies update. In today’s article, I’ll be providing updates on our portfolio, a market overview and some tips. I am currently analyzing a number of upcoming ICOs and hope to have our first pick ready within a few weeks. However, I am being extremely…
In this market, you need only one small investment to change your life. There are thousands of crypto millionaires and more are being minted every day.   There are FIVE criteria my picks must pass before I recommend investing in them: leadership, market size, code, tokenomics and, for ICOs, ICO…