Cryptocurrency News Roundup

Cryptocurrency News Roundup
By Adam Sharp
Date December 15, 2017

This week I’m going to share the most interesting news from around the cryptocurrency world, plus a few of my all-time favorite stories.

Recent News

Bitcoin boom seen as survival, not speculation, in Venezuela
From the CBC: “Mariana Leon, a crypto-economics consultant, said she has helped several companies in the sugar, chocolate and rum industries invest their bolivars in cryptocurrencies, keeping them in business even while other companies shuttered operations.

“‘The only reason they have survived is because they invested in cryptocurrencies,’ she said.”

Why People Are Giving This Man Almost $2 Million in Free Bitcoin
Bitcoin legend Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the leading experts in the cryptocurrency field. His videos and speeches have convinced millions to join the movement. However, he was never able to amass a significant stash of bitcoin. So last week his supporters showed their thanks and donated 102 bitcoins, worth $1.6 million at today’s prices.

Washington Is Trying to Regulate Bitcoin. These People Are Trying to Stop It
As cryptocurrency goes mainstream, various legislative efforts are moving forward. Some could help this nascent industry, while others could harm it.

Coinbase hits top spot on Apple’s U.S. App Store despite struggling to handle bitcoin demand
Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, reached the top spot on Apple’s App store last week, signaling growing mainstream adoption.

Japanese company to start paying employees in bitcoin
GMO Internet, which has more than 4,000 employees in Japan, will offer its workers the opportunity to take a percentage of their salaries in bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Classics

Money as a System of Control
In this video, bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos describes how the current monetary system is designed to control people, and how cryptocurrency can change this.

The Origin of “Hodl”
In the cryptocurrency community, people often say they are “hodling” instead of holding. This 2013 thread on is the origin of the term. FYI, there is crude language.

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